Cooking Tutorial/Recipe: Shrimp Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger

Good morning. I have provided a great recipe that includes a shrimp (my favorite food), turkey burger stuffed with a nice layer of mozzarella cheese. It is so delicious! My family came over to celebrate Valentine’s Day, hence the massive background noise. I truly apologize for that. I will get better at filming and editing. If you enjoy these cooking video’s and recipe’s, please let me know so I can upload more. Soon, I will be uploading Mexican Meatball soup (albondigas), Mexican Chicken Pot Pie (with a green mole sauce), chicken with a green mole, and so much more.

Shrimp Stuffed Burgers:

Serving Size: 11 hungry people (7 kids, and 4 Adults)

Stuffed Burger Patty:

6 cloves of garlic–minced finely

1 whole onion ( I used a brown onion, you can use any, even purple onion gives it a great flavor)- minced or chopped finely

1 1/2 cups of chopped in–tiny squares–sweet bell peppers. I didn’t add a green bell pepper this time, but I do at times, when the price is right. You can use regular large bell peppers as well.

1 tbsp of salt (I use pink himalayan-unrefined- sea salt)

2 1/2 cups of shrimp (chopped large or tiny shrimp)

2 pkgs of ground turkey. I believe the one’s I used are 2 lbs each

1 log of pre-sliced mozzarella cheese. I buy it pre-sliced at Costco. Or, you can slice it from a block of cheese.


Mix everything up in a bowl until you see all the ingredients are incorporated well. Once mixed, create a thin round layer of meat patty on the palm of your hand, place the cheese in the middle, cover with another thin layer and seal the cheese in. Make sure you can’t see the cheese because you don’t want it to melt out.  Place on the stove top. It takes about 7-12 minutes (depending on the thickness) per side to cook well, yet still juicy. You don’t want a dry patty, but this is poultry, therefore, you want it well cooked. I had the stove top on medium heat. Depending on your stove, you may want to adjust it and always make sure the turkey patty is well cooked before eating.

Optional and Suggestions:

To keep them warm, I place them (the cooked patties) in the oven at 350 degrees (covered in aluminum foil) while I finish frying my french fries to make sure they don’t get cold.



Burger buns

Or you can make it a breadless patty by making to big Portobello mushrooms and using that as a bread substitute.

Or you can wrap it in lettuce or kale and have a healthier version.


1 Avocado, smashed up then spread on bottom bun (mash avocado, add salt to taste, squirt of 1 lime –***can add diced tomato, onion, cilantro and Serrano chili if you want to make an authentic guacamole and mix it all up)

Spread Sour Cream on bun (my husband is not a mayo person, so we use sour cream)

Grilled onions (I placed them on the stove top with olive oil and a sprinkled a little salt)

Grilled Portobello mushrooms (I placed 4 sliced mushrooms on the stove top with olive oil and sprinkled a little salt)

Grilled Jalapeños (I placed 1 jalapeño, cut up in round slices, on the stove top with olive oil and sprinkled a little salt)

2 peeled and deveined prawns per burger (I placed them for 2 minutes per side, or until pink, on the stove top with olive oil and sprinkled a little salt)

2 turkey bacon strips per burger

1 tomato slice per burger


If you like a little green in your burger, you can add spinach and kale instead of lettuce.


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