Laundry Room Update

After 1 year, although it seems like more, my husband and I decided to continue the laundry room makeover. I’m telling you, things move slow at my house. My husband wasn’t too thrilled that I’m back on the “I want to make changes to the house” train, but he still helped, reluctantly of course. 😀 … Continue reading Laundry Room Update

DIY: Temporary Plant/Flower Pot Covers

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Lady Renaissance. Today, I decided to cover those ugly plastic pots with wrapping paper. It is temporary, but it is a great way to cover the pots for special events without investing a lot of money on large pots. It is really easy, simply measure, cut and tape your wrapping … Continue reading DIY: Temporary Plant/Flower Pot Covers

DIY: Playing Card Bow Tie

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Lady Renaissance. I participated in decorating a professor's farewell party. I decided to incorporate a bow tie theme because she loves wearing suits and tuxedos. So, I decided to make playing card bow ties for everyone at the party to wear. It is super easy and so inexpensive. Need: A … Continue reading DIY: Playing Card Bow Tie

DIY: Framed Peephole

You can turn a picture frame into a peephole frame. It is simple! There are only two things you need; command strips and the frame. Step 1:  Remove the glass and the back felt from your frame. Step 2:  Follow your command strip instructions. Step 3: Stick the command strips onto the back of the frame … Continue reading DIY: Framed Peephole

DIY: Canvas Re-do

Today's post will be about purchasing a canvas print, at a good price, and recreating something different I purchased this canvas print--actually two--and I decided to use one in the dining room. The other didn't match the room I'm revamping for my 11 year old daughter, so I decided to use the frog tape to tape … Continue reading DIY: Canvas Re-do

DIY: Dining Table Completed

I have finally completed stripping, sanding, staining, then sanding, then staining, then sanding and adding polyurethane. Yay! In case you didn't know, I found this table listed on Craigslist and fell in love with it. If you find yourself interested in how I achieved this look, here is the step by step guide. Step 1: Strip Your … Continue reading DIY: Dining Table Completed

DIY: Table Update

I purchased a table and sofa that I found on Craigslist. I decided to remove the stain with this: Making it look like this: I have not completed the table as I'm still working on the pedestal, but the table top has been stained. I'm so excited as I am leaping--(uugghhh) slowly--with the progress of the table. … Continue reading DIY: Table Update