Reminiscing on 2019-2020

I suppose the recent COVID-19 events have me reminiscing on holidays, family events, and simple family walks. I have not posted in a while and I feel like being completely random today. I have a few house updates, which will be posted at a later time, but I figured this would be the best time … Continue reading Reminiscing on 2019-2020

Entertaining: An Inexpensive Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower shouldn't be expensive. A couple of weeks ago, me and my mom decided to throw a baby shower for my cousin, but both of us had a very tight budget. For one, I'm a  grad student and finally, my mom is not the decorating type. To her, food and family should … Continue reading Entertaining: An Inexpensive Baby Shower

Entertaining: Valentine’s Day Brisket

  For Valentine's Day we decided to smoke a brisket. In fact, we had two separate, very informal, Valentine's Day--brisket smoking--soirées. (Hmm I wonder if you pluralize "soirée.")   For starters, I preplanned my menu in advance. I also made the desserts and some of the appetizers the night before. I set the table and … Continue reading Entertaining: Valentine’s Day Brisket

Entertaining: Party Etiquette-Children

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Lady Renaissance. I have a few questions regarding dealing with children during gatherings. Certainly, this isn't about one's own children, but children visiting. How do you deal with kids during parties? My questions is, how does one prepare for such company? Should one be strict? Should normal house rules (such … Continue reading Entertaining: Party Etiquette-Children