Word of the Day: 2/23/15-Dichotomy

Word: Dichotomy You Pronounce It: [dahy-kot-uh-mee] Definition:  noun, plural dichotomies. 1. division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs. 2. division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups: "a dichotomy between thought and action." 3. Botany. a mode of branching by constant forking, as in some stems, in veins of leaves, etc. 4. Astronomy. the phase of … Continue reading Word of the Day: 2/23/15-Dichotomy

Quote of the day: 2/23/15

"Words are very powerful and can lead anyone reading them or hearing them, into contemplation and insight. How the mind follows suit is rarely palpable or expected. This impact is not a matter of metaphysical effects nor of an unexplainable phenomenon. It’s simply part of being human.” --Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell Good morning and … Continue reading Quote of the day: 2/23/15