Fun Fact Friday: 2/6/15

Did you know that fluoride is actually toxic and can cause irreversible damage to your intestines?

Don’t believe me? A great book to read is The Natural Cures they Don’t want you to Know about and More Natural Cures Revealed by Kevin Trudeau. Great books with so much information. Fluoride has been stated to cause a “dumbing down” effect on society, lowering IQ and causing internal damage to your body. At home, we use non-fluoride toothpaste and FYI, your water at home, has it. You can find out the levels via your city. Depending on the season, the city will increase and decrease fluoride and other chemicals that do not go away just by boiling your water! Oh and those plastic bottles, not the best either as they have BPA and phthalates, also in make-up and pots and pans! Things may claim they are BPA free, but what about the other chemicals that are released when you warm up your food in the microwave? The microwave! Yes, now that is another story within itself.

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