Laundry Room In Progress

Our old laundry room was far from inspiring. In fact, it was one of the least underwhelming areas in my home.

To be honest, we put the travertine you see below when we purchased our home (6 years ago) because I disliked the vinyl floors. I do, however, feel that I was rushed to simply put in flooring and I didn’t really have the time to look into something I truly liked. I never painted the room and I really found the singular cabinet odd. I knew it needed a change. Although I have not completed the room, I’d like to share the progress.

First, we painted the room. Then, we removed the travertine with a machine we rented at Home Depot. Let me tell you, this process is extremely messy. Regardless of our tiresome efforts to seal the room, dust reached every nook and cranny. We had a neighbor’s brother tile our floor in a diamond shape. We selected marble white tile with gray veining and black granite tile from Home Depot. To save money, my husband put in the 5″ baseboard. Finally, I put in the subway tile on the back wall. It was my first time putting tile. My friend Sarah had done it to her laundry room and her fearless approach inspired me to take the leap. My dad had to grout it for me because I was exhausted, but, I have to say, I felt accomplished. Certainly, it wasn’t perfect and now I know what not to do for the next tiling adventure, but it was fulfilling to know I did it.

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