Thrilling Thursday

For today’s “Thrilling Thursday,” I found a lot, but not really decor. First of all, I didn’t thrift the previous two Thursdays because my son was hospitalized one week, he’s better now, and last week my daughter was promoted from middle school. This week, however, I found more clothes and books than anything else—insert tear drop emoji here. In case you didn’t know, Thursday’s are dollar days at the Goodwill. This week’s color was a double load of savings, the colors were red and yellow. Yes, two colors, does it get your adrenaline pumping as fast as mine?!

Now, for the fun stuff:

The only decor item I found interesting was this picture. It looks pretty rough, but I like it!

The second set of items were these books. I couldn’t resist! Yes, I know, I usually find books for much less than $1, but these were too good to pass up. My favorite has got to be the “Passionate Love Letters; An Anthology of Desire” by Michelle Lovric. The book includes envelopes with additional love letters. It is so beautiful!

Next up, roller skates. My 7 year old daughter, Sarah, has been wanting to learn how to roller skate and I couldn’t resist buying these for her for $1. A great way for her to learn. Once she’s got it down, we can upgrade.

Finally, I purchased a few shirts for my husband. These were $1 each and they were in such great condition.

My grand total was $15.99, but that includes clothes, books, the picture, roller skates and my son really wanted a toy that deviated from the $1 plan.

How do you thrift?

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