Thrilling Thursday

For today’s “Thrilling Thursday” I kept it pretty minimal–hubby is jumping with joy as we speak. I went to two thrift stores, but only found these three items in one. If you aren’t familiar with the thrifting process on Thursdays, the Goodwill offers everything of a certain label for only $1. Yes– I know! It’s so exciting–I’m doing a mini happy dance as I write this–eeekkk. Today’s label was label was red label day.

For the first item, I purchased this vase:

For the second item, I purchased a cook book called “The First Texas Cook Book.” It was too interesting to pass up!

The third and final item was not a red tag and was not $1, but close enough and I couldn’t resist! Although it was for $1.99, I couldn’t resist breaking my $1 only rule, I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t break the rule for Tolstoy, Chekov, Kafka, Henry James, James Joyce, and the rest of these amazing authors?

Finally, for the grand total. . . I lost my receipt, but I can add. Ha! Tada $3.99. Not bad, right?

So, how do you thrift?

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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