Word of the Week: 2/17/17

Word: Coalesce You Pronounce It: [koh-uh-les] Definition: verb (used without object), coalesced, coalescing. 1. to grow together or into one body: The two lakes coalesced into one. 2. to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.: The various groups coalesced into a crowd. 3. to blend or come together: Their ideas coalesced into one theory. verb (used with … Continue reading Word of the Week: 2/17/17

Word of the week: Esoteric

Word: esoteric You Pronounce It: [es-uh-ter-ik] Definition: adjective 1.understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite: poetry full of esoteric allusions. 2.belonging to the select few. 3.private; secret; confidential. 4.(of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group: the esoteric doctrines … Continue reading Word of the week: Esoteric

Word of the week: Mesmeric

Word: Mesmeric You Pronounce it: mez-mer-ik Definition: adjective 1. produced by mesmerism; hypnotic. 2. compelling; fascinating. Or: 3. causing a person to become completely transfixed and unaware of anything else around them. "she found herself staring into his mesmeric gaze" I found it: While reading The Beetle by Richard Marsh when he says, "I was far, yet, from being … Continue reading Word of the week: Mesmeric

Word of the Week: Epistemology

Word: Epistemology You Pronounce it: [ih-pis-tuh-mol-uh-jee] Definition: noun 1.a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge. I found it:  During class discussion in a Theory course. I found it easier to remember it as "knowledge and knowing." Not to be confused with "Epistolary" which I used to do (as silly … Continue reading Word of the Week: Epistemology

Word of the Week: Abstruse

Word: Abstruse You Pronounce It: [ab-stroos] Definition: adjective 1. hard to understand; recondite; esoteric: abstruse theories. 2. Obsolete. secret; hidden. Origin: 1590-1600 Latin: abstrūsus thrust away, concealed (past participle of abstrūdere), equivalent to abs- abs- + trūd- thrust + -tus past participle suffix I found it: While reading, The Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from Classical Times to the Present by Bissell and … Continue reading Word of the Week: Abstruse

Word of the Week: Periphery

Word: Periphery You Pronounce It: [puh-rif-uh-ree] Definition: noun, plural peripheries. 1. the external boundary of any surface or area. 2. the external surface of a body. 3. the edge or outskirts, as of a city or urban area. 4. the relatively minor, irrelevant, or superficial aspects of the subject in question: The preliminary research did not, of course, take me beyond … Continue reading Word of the Week: Periphery

Word of the week:6/6/16–Invective

Word: Invective You Pronounce it: [in-vek-tiv] Definition: noun 1. vehement or violent denunciation, censure, or reproach. 2. a railing accusation; vituperation. 3. an insulting or abusive word or expression. I found it: While reading "Unladylike Polemics: Christine de Pizan's Strategies of Attack and Defense" by Christine Moneera Laennec. "The idea of characterizing de Pizan's writing as invective, which becomes separated … Continue reading Word of the week:6/6/16–Invective

Word of the week: Heuristic

Word: Heuristic You Pronounce it: hyoo-ris-tik Definition: adjective 1. serving to indicate or point out; stimulating interest as a means of furthering investigation. 2. encouraging a person to learn, discover, understand, or solve problems on his or her own, as by experimenting, evaluating possible answers or solutions, or by trial and error: a heuristic teaching method. 3. of, relating … Continue reading Word of the week: Heuristic

Word of the week: 4/6/16–Halcyon

Word: Halcyon You Pronounce it: [hal-see-uh n] Definition:adjective, Also, halcyonian [hal-see-oh-nee-uh n] (Show IPA), halcyonic [hal-see-on-ik] (Show IPA) 1.calm; peaceful; tranquil: halcyon weather. 2.rich; wealthy; prosperous: halcyon times of peace. 3.happy; joyful; carefree: halcyon days of youth. 4.of or relating to the halcyon or kingfisher. noun 5.a mythical bird, usually identified with the kingfisher, said to … Continue reading Word of the week: 4/6/16–Halcyon