Word of the day: 2/6/15- Effeminate

Word: Effeminate You pronounce it: [ih-fem-uh-nit; v. ih-fem-uh-neyt] Definition: adjective 1. (of a man or boy) having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, as softness or delicacy. 2. characterized by excessive softness, delicacy, self-indulgence, etc.: effeminate luxury. Origin: 1350-1400; Middle English < Latin effēminātus, equivalent to ef- ef- + fēmin (a) woman + -ātus -ate1 I read … Continue reading Word of the day: 2/6/15- Effeminate

Quote of the day: 2/5/15

“It's never the changes we want that change everything.”--Junot Diaz Life happens, but not always in ways we want it to. The changes may come in unexpected ways, some come with tragedy and others provide unexpected positive outcomes. Remember, “sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” Reading The Brief Wondrous … Continue reading Quote of the day: 2/5/15

Word of the day: 2/4/15- Copacetic

Word: copacetic You pronounce it: [koh-puh-set-ik, -see-tik] Definition: adjective, Slang. 1. fine; completely satisfactory; OK. I read it while reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz: To my virginity! Oscar shouted. Oscar, cool it, bro. People don't want to hear about all that. You're right, they just want to stare at me. … Continue reading Word of the day: 2/4/15- Copacetic