Kitchen Mantel

2022 is the year I've decided to push myself to complete projects. Our kitchen bookshelf/coffee station has been a project I've wanted to tackle for years. We decided it was time to finally tackle this weekend project. I have always dreamed of having a big English or Scottish style fireplace in the kitchen. Have you … Continue reading Kitchen Mantel

Before: Our home, phase 1: The teardown. . .arrrrggggg

My husband and I purchased our home a little more than a year ago. We purchased it in dire conditions. Notice the --as I like to call it-- "dinosaur" wall in the middle of the two living rooms, the blue-green carpet, the multi-colored room, the standard oak kitchen cabinets and vinyl floors. Unbelievably, there was … Continue reading Before: Our home, phase 1: The teardown. . .arrrrggggg