Recipe: Aguachiles (Shrimp in a green lemon chili marinade)

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I love seafood. In fact, I am not the only one, my parents are seafood lovers, so, my dad requested to have this for Father's Day and for his birthday celebration (6/27/15). So, we had three different types of seafood options. My recipe is for only … Continue reading Recipe: Aguachiles (Shrimp in a green lemon chili marinade)

Recipe: Taquitos (Crunchy Rolled Tacos)

Hello. I decided to whip up some taquitos yesterday for the family. I have been craving them for a while. Here is the delicious recipe for the way I make them: Taquitos: Crunchy Rolled Tacos Serving Size: A hungry family of 5 - about 22 taquitos Note: (I was able to make 22 in all. My … Continue reading Recipe: Taquitos (Crunchy Rolled Tacos)

Recipe: Organic Juice Blend

Good morning. Here is a delicious juice blend recipe that is so delicious, you will forget it is good for you: 1 cup of mango 1 cup of berry blend (I buy it from Costco and it has pomegranate, blueberries, cherries, raspberries and strawberries. Imagine the deliciousness and how nutritious it is.) 1 carrot with … Continue reading Recipe: Organic Juice Blend

Recipe: A healthy breakfast

Good morning! You have to try this healthy breakfast jam-packed with incredible antioxidants. Backstory: I do not like oatmeal, at all and it could be because, as a kid, I begged my mom to buy oatmeal simply because they were giving a color changing bowl to go with it. She knew I wouldn't like it … Continue reading Recipe: A healthy breakfast

Cooking Tutorial/Recipe: Shrimp Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger

Good morning. I have provided a great recipe that includes a shrimp (my favorite food), turkey burger stuffed with a nice layer of mozzarella cheese. It is so delicious! My family came over to celebrate Valentine's Day, hence the massive background noise. I truly apologize for that. I will get better at filming and editing. … Continue reading Cooking Tutorial/Recipe: Shrimp Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger

Recipe: Healthy Shrimp Chile Relleno

Hello. My favorite, and most requested, family recipe are my shrimp chile rellenos. My parents love them and I came up with the idea back in high school, 15 years ago, as I was looking for ways to incorporate my favorite food in more recipes. Seafood is a delicacy in our household, growing up. I … Continue reading Recipe: Healthy Shrimp Chile Relleno

Tutorial/Recipe: Valentine’s Day Bright Red Juice Blend

Hello. Here is an organic juice blend. Super delicious and perfect for V-Day or any day! FYI: Yes, my tag is out. So sorry. It was a new shirt. LOL And filming with kids is soooo difficult and I did mess up a lot, "tops off the strawberries" when I meant "keep them on." Oh and … Continue reading Tutorial/Recipe: Valentine’s Day Bright Red Juice Blend

Recipe: Organic Pizza

Today, I baked a delicious pizza. The recipe creates a thin crust and, to top it off, I've decided to stuff the crust with cheese. Note: My crust recipe is from "Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking" by Marcella Hazan. I did, however, add other ingredients to it to make it my own. Organic crust pizza: 1 … Continue reading Recipe: Organic Pizza