Thanksgiving 2020

Welcome to my blog! I’m happy you’re here.

Our Thanksgiving this year, and I’m sure many are singing the same tune, was minimal. My brother was unable to join us as a precautionary step, so he stood outside our door, while we served him food to go. This was definitely difficult, but it unified us as a family because we all saw how much we love and value each other. When creating this post, I realized that the pictures weren’t the best, the food was minimal, but the time itself was priceless.

My grandma came to live with us in June. We took her out of the elderly home she lived in and she is currently in the late stage of dementia. Although caring for her can be difficult, it certainly is rewarding. My parents always come to help therefore, Thanksgiving included them. 2020 has been an adventurous year and I can honestly say that I have been focusing on positive things.

For example, my grandmother is living with us and my kids are able to see how important it is to care for someone else. I currently have three other aunts assisting in caring for my grandma and they also find it rewarding.

Furthermore, Thanksgiving was a time to reflect on so many great things. For one, I’ve been able to work from home and spend more time with my husband and beautiful kids. I get to hug them and kiss them all day long. I am able to take breaks and enjoy lunch with them.

Finally, our health is high on the list. It is amazing how quick we are to take things for granted until you realize that you may never have that again. I, like many, became really sick and I realized how walking, eating, breathing is such a blessing. My family and I do not go anywhere because we do not want to compromise my grandma and my parents. To be honest, I’m okay with that. I am grateful for my freedom to continue to worship, even if it is from home, for my job, food, shelter, and so much more.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Noah and Sarah helping with the cheesecake
Grandma, Noah and Sarah
My Thanksgiving outfit
My baby and me
My hubby

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