Thanksgiving 2018

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I hope it is a day of reflection and happiness; a day filled with family and love; a day to make memories while feeling nostalgic about the past.

For this year’s celebration, I decided to move the dining table into the library. It has been a life long dream to eat in a library. There is something so fulfilling about eating while staring at beautiful spines, interesting books, and loved authors. In addition, I’ve always wanted a fireplace in my dining area and having our electric fireplace in our bookshelf made it feel so amazing.

I moved my chesterfield sofa and bar cart into the dining room and made that our picture area. My family really enjoyed the change of scenery and picture time was actually fun.

Finally, I found that my long table, the one that separates my living room from my library area, worked beautifully in holding all our food in a buffet style set up.

How was your Thanksgiving Day?

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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