Outfit of the day

I am a bit behind on the “outfit of the day” posts and that is simply because if it doesn’t feel organic, I just refrain from posting. I do like these outfits; the first, was for Father’s Day and the second, was for a family party. I’ve really been into whites and neutrals lately. It could be because I live in California, and possibly, because the weather is nice and warm, but aside from that, there is something so fresh about neutrals. My best friend used to always say that white outfits are refreshing because of how simple and clean they look.

My posts are really–or have become–a hopeful attempt at having a diary for my kids. Hopefully, they, the posts, can be utilized as a point of reference in time–later in life. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, or if it’s because I feel like they are growing so fast, but I want them to be able to look back and pin-point trends, memories, my journey through grad school, and so much more. I want them to know that mommy did once have an identity and had a voice. For me to not just be mommy, the one who does homework with them, loves them unconditionally, loves God, cooks, cleans, is a taxi driver, and tucks them in bed at night–to name a few, but a mommy that had things to say that doesn’t consist of anything that sounds like the typical “lesson, nagging” doctrine.

I’m sure an “outfit of the day ” is really not the adequate blog post to state my views on agency and rhetoric, I just want them to know. . .well, most kids think their parent’s lives began when they–our kids–were born, but that isn’t the case. Many parents lose themselves and that is okay, it happens. They–or I, yes, me, me, I’m on that boat–lose their likes, interests, and they’re often stripped of their identity–we go on mommy-daddy mode–because life does–and should– become about raising the kids to be respectful, loving, good citizens of society and so forth, but we do exist in a deeper realm of thought and ideas. Once the kids leave, and I saw this with my parents, parent’s realize they need to learn to rediscover who they–as individuals– are, and if married, who they are as a married couple, without kids. It is okay to still have interests, to like to dress up, to just, well, have an interest disconnected from being a parent.

We are saturated by so many conflicting narratives from social media and television, fighting for our attention and, once again, we get lost and lose our identity in what the latest theory or trend should be, but to truly look at oneself and find an interest, separate from social media and kids is actually healthy. Currently, my likes reside where my husband and kids are, but I’m sure my quench for an identity of my own, separate from those around me, will conquer and prevail. Okay, okay, rant over, moving on. . .

Now, for this outfit, I paired a Misguided bodysuit with an Express skirt and used my old Guess booties.

My second set of pictures include high waisted linen pants by Express, a 2B Bebe corset, Bebe leather shoes, and that neon clutch I found on eBay a few years back. Let me tell you, those shoes hurt so bad! If you look at the shoe picture my son took, you can see there is a gold metal detail, well, that carved deep into my flesh. It is painful after a while, but I got a lot of compliments. 👍😀

I love these pants so much, I’ve utilized them several times. California’s climate has been extreme, therefore I’ve decided upon wearing these light weight, comfortable, and breezy pants.

If not neutral bottoms, a neutral top will do, like this lace bodysuit from express.

Hopefully, I’ll continue to post some outfit inspirations. We’ll see.

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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