Friday Family Game & Movie Night

Friday evenings are family game and movie night for us. My kids look forward to it all week and I get to play with my three babies while being silly and listening to music. Honestly, I have to bribe the 13 year old with junk food, but, at least, I get her to occasionally join. Isn’t it crazy how once a kid hits that teenage threshold they no longer want to play games? They don’t want to be associated with the term “silly” nor do they want to wear a sombrero and dance around to Vicente Fernandez anymore. Sigh. Sometimes, not even Oreos convince her. Oh well! I keep telling myself it is a phase.

We often play loteria, a Mexican game that resembles Bingo, but with images. The kids take turns calling the names out in Spanish which happens to be a great way to get them to speak Spanish. The teenager, if I can get her to join, will play as long as her favorite snack is still on the table. Once the snack is gone, she’s gone, but I will say, her Spanish speaking is pretty good!

Recently, I purchased this wooden bingo–offered by Frontgate–and my kids love taking turns twirling the cage. Can you believe I found it at the swapmeet for $5 and, best of all, it’s complete?!

My husband gets home late from work and when he arrives, we eat dinner and we talk about our day. Of course, shortly after, movie time begins. Yay! No sombreros during this event. I find that small and intimate, but fun, Fridays are a great way to set up a cute spread. The kids love it and I get to practice my spread game. 1, 2, 3, hike! Wait, I don’t even like football, but I do like Futbol. Anyway. . .

what do you do for family time?

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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