Home Decor: Rolling Ladder Bookshelf Progress

I have wanted a rolling ladder bookshelf for years. A while back, like 3 years ago, I found this rod, the ladder with the hardware on Craigslist for an amazing price. While picking them up, the lady selling the ladder told me she was going to demolish her home, so–naturally–I asked if she would be willing to give me the bookshelf. She said I could take it and I was even able to take the trim and moldings from her home, which was amazing because they were solid wood and in great condition for being 30 years old. The bookshelf wasn’t really a bookshelf in the previous owner’s home. It was something utilized to store clothes and a t.v. in a room. It was 8′ tall by 12′ wide, so my dad had to remove the middle section and build a 2′ cabinet on the top to match the rest. He also had to cut the rod to size and he build the whole middle cabinet as we only had the two exterior shelves. As a literature major, the math involved in all this planning gave me a headache–seriously, math is not difficult, I do it often, but if I can refrain from doing so, hey, why not?!–, but it came natural to my dad. I had to dust off my math skills so I can better assist him. Ahhh, not fun.

I knew I wanted my dad to build a bookshelf for me because I grew up watching him build things, beautiful things and I knew that when I had my own home, I wanted a piece of my dad’s workmanship to reside with me. I’ve always dreamt of hearing my kids  proudly say,  “grandpa made this.” Unfortunately, it took 3 years before my dad could even plan and begin the working process. Luckily, he managed to take a short break from work–3 days–to begin the building. After that we took a long break, but rushed to the finish line by utilizing two Saturdays. Now, it isn’t complete but what remains undone shouldn’t take too long, ha.

My inspiration was that of an English library. I wanted a chesterfield and a fireplace, but, at the moment, I’ve decided to place the fireplace idea on the back burner.

We still have a few details to complete, but we are close to the finish line. I’m so excited because this used to be a blank wall, and now I have this beautiful bookshelf! What do you think about our progress?


Picture Lights: Restoration Hardware Outlet.

Paint Color: Inspired by Tranquil Vibe by Sherwin Williams, but I got it matched at Home Depot.

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