Home Decor: Son’s Room Progress

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Lady Renaissance. My son–Noah–has had an incomplete room for a while. I took the leap–between studying for my MA English Comp Exam, being a mother of 3, wife, etc–and three weeks of weekend dedication has resulted in a work in progress that I am happy with. I am still working on it, the same goes with Sarah’s room–my 6 year old–but the results are so much better. He still needs casing around the window, curtains, a light switch plate and the other details, but I couldn’t wait to share the progress with you. Also, I’m on a mission to conceal the visibility of the neighbor’s house. Arrrggghhh!

We decided to add new baseboard, crown molding, blue paint, white paint, a gallery wall, and a rug. I can’t wait to show you the final results!


Crown Molding–it is the $52 pro pack from Home Depot

Baseboard–We had it at home from previous projects, but I’m sure it is the pro pack from Home Depot.

White Paint–Benjamin Moore’s Bright White

Blue Paint–Sherwin Williams’ Naval

Dresser–Ikea’s Tarva (we bought this 3 years ago and never had time to assemble it.

Picture Frames–Thrift Store, Etsy, Pottery Barn (elephant) and Marshalls.








2 thoughts on “Home Decor: Son’s Room Progress

  1. Evelin says:

    Wow! What a difference. Loving the equestrian frames. Oh….. and the llama is adorable. Did you
    Install the crown molding yourself? Was it a hassle? My husband would also like to know if you used special tools. Thanks


    • Mrs. Lady Renaissance says:

      Hello, Evelin! Thank you for the comment. We are aiming towards creating an English/Preppy/Polo style room for Noah. I’m aiming for a chesterfield chair, sigh, and plaid Ralph Lauren curtains in hunter green with navy blue. We’ll see.

      We did do the crown molding ourselves–with the help of my dad, wink wink– and we used a 12″ table saw. It was super easy after we were taught the first cut and realized that it is far better to measure twice than make a mistake. Also, make sure to cut the crown molding standing up. (There are inside cuts and outside cuts.) It has to lean against the back of the holder. I’m not sure if that makes sense. We also watched Youtube videos and I can send you the best one.


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