Home Decor: Reupholstering an Antique Settee . . . Still in Process

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Lady Renaissance. A while back I blogged about this antique settee I found on Craigslist for $50. I put the reupholstering off for about a year. It simply sat in my garage waiting to be revived. Finally, my mom took me under her daring wing and we began reupholstering the settee. Please note that we are not professionals, in fact, far from it, but my mom is daring enough to give it a try. We made sure to look at each layer as it is assembled to further understand the assembly process. It is not complete as I still need to add the trim  to it. Once that is done, I will convert this post into a DIY post with steps on how to reupholster your own thrifty findings. So far, what do you think? I sanded and painted the settee gold and I decided upon this velvet black material I purchased at Joann’s with a 60% off coupon. I will say, it is not difficult to reupholster, but it certainly is tedious and it is a long process. At least it felt that way for me. Anyway, I did want to share this with you and I will update this post with steps for those that are interested.

Before:                                                                      After: (Trim still needed)


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