Fashion: KOTD’s Battles at the Bunker Outfit of the Day

A Fight with words, part deux: Last year, my husband took me to a URL (Ultimate Rap League) event and I uploaded a blog post on my experience and my outfit of the day; you can find that post and read all about it by clicking here. This time we decided to go to a KOTD (King of the Dot) event where only 150 tickets are sold and located at a warehouse. KOTD conducts this “Battles at the Bunker” event every month. I have to say that I enjoyed this far better than the last URL event. I love the low-key, in a warehouse with graffiti type of event. It lacks the main-stream feel, which is exactly why I enjoy these bunker events. I LOVE that it is selective to 150 people and that they don’t feel the need to hire half naked girls to prance around the facility for the sake of it. They invest their money where it should go, the battlers and the hosts. The focus is placed exactly where it should be, the battlers ready to speak and not the extra shenanigans. For that, I commend KOTD.

As an English major I, naturally, gravitate towards such events because of the word play it entails. These guys are extremely talented to stand before an audience and speak with such flow. Much like my previous post, nothing has changed. We still have three rounds, but this time they cut the time shorter than usual to about a minute and a half. Similar to a boxing match, you find that each round increases to a climactic point. Some are more comedy driven, others politics, theory and literature, the list goes on. Nonetheless, it is amazing! The people are nice, the atmosphere is laid back, the battlers are civil off the ring. In other words, it is simply great! Anyway, today we were given 100+ degree weather to deal with and I was not about to wear jeans. With that said, I decided on wearing this outfit that felt refreshing, although everyone was still sweating bucket, including myself, I felt that this outfit alleviated the heat a bit. Ladies, if you decide to attend wearing heels  your feet will kill you by the end of the night, so wear them at your own risk. You do have breaks in between each battle to sit outside, but it can still be brutal.



Watch the PPV Trailer:

Racer Skirt: Bebe circa 2007

Heart Back Crop Top: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: GbyGuess

Clutch wallet: ASOS

Blazer: Bebe circa 2007

Gold Watch: Bvlgari

Bracelet: Guess

Bow Tie: I made it, you can find my tutorial here.


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Stock picture taken from

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