DIY: Playing Card Bow Tie

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Lady Renaissance. I participated in decorating a professor’s farewell party. I decided to incorporate a bow tie theme because she loves wearing suits and tuxedos. So, I decided to make playing card bow ties for everyone at the party to wear. It is super easy and so inexpensive.


  1. A Deck of playing cards ($1 store).
  2. Ribbon or twine to hold the middle of the bow tie ($1 store).
  3. Glue Gun and glue stick.
  4. Curling Ribbon ($1 store).


  1. Fold the playing card alternating back and forth to make creases. IMG_7434
  2. Begin to wrap your ribbon or twine around the middle of the bow tie. I try to make sure that the end of the twin goes towards the back of the card.IMG_7437
  3. Leave a tail out in order to begin gluing the ribbon or twine. I like to apply glue to the whole tail so it stays in place. I like to leave the glue marks towards the back of the card. IMG_7435
  4. Cut your curling ribbon to size. I cut it long enough to fit around the neck so it looks like a necklace.
  5. Apply glue to the top of the playing card and attach your curling ribbon. IMG_7438
  6. Enjoy! I handed mine out as party favors for the English dept. and for the grad students to wear.                                              IMG_7433


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