DIY: No Sew Bow Tie

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Lady Renaissance. For a professor’s farewell party, I glued together a bow tie. I can’t believe how easy it was!


Fabric 10×6 inches

Ribbon or piece of fabric

Glue Gun

Glue Stick





  1. Cut your fabric whatever size you want. I wanted mine a bit big so I cut mine 10″ x 6″. Most people make them smaller, about 7″x4″. IMG_7439
  2. Fold the longer side (10″) and allow the top and the bottom of the edges to touch and meat half ways. IMG_7440
  3. Iron your edges if you want that clean look. (I didn’t iron mine.)
  4. Fold the side edges to meet each other half ways. You can glue the edges down with your glue gun.
  5. Begin to form your bow tie by pressing down on the top and the bottom of the bow down the middle. You can actually hide imperfections here. Play with the fabric to get it how you like.
  6. Begin adding your ribbon or piece of fabric around the middle of the bow tie. Make sure to glue it towards the back of the bow tie. By the back I mean the area that faces your neck. I cut my ribbon 5 inches in order to have a double wrap. The width of my ribbon is 1/2 an inch.
  7. Play with the fabric to get it how you like.
  8. Slide a long piece of ribbon into the back part of the bow tie so you can wrap it around your neck. Mine was 15″ long. IMG_7450
  9. Optional: Add velcro to adhere it to your neck. I didn’t I simply tied it with a hair tie, but my hair was worn down, so you couldn’t tell.
  10. With a lighter, you can burn off the edges of the ribbon in order to prevent the thread from the edges to pull.


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