Home Decor: Plants in the Threshold

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today’s post is about incorporating more plants to a dreary “threshold.” I am trying to incorporate more plants throughout the house. In this case, in order to brighten my arrival and my departure into the world, I’ve decided to add plants to the entrance. I’ve mentioned before that the “threshold” is the very place that you prepare yourself to leave your safe haven and into the world. It is also the place you expel the layers from the outside world as you arrive. The “threshold” is a place you should encounter a pleasurable arrival because a good day is never promised. It is also a place that should be filled with beautiful uplifting things in order to go out into the world with a positive outlook. For this reason, I try to update my threshold often. My kids love to see the house updated, but nothing excites them more than seeing an updated entrance. It fills them with happiness and the changes seem to encourage them to have a great day or arrive in a lively manner.

Plants can work as therapy and provide medicinal assistance in a psychological manner. According to “Psychology Today,” plants:

Lower blood pressure (systolic)
Improve reaction times
Increase attentiveness
Improve attendance (at work and school)
Raise productivity (at work)
Improve well-being
Improve perceptions of the space
Lower levels of anxiety during recovery from surgery
Raise job satisfaction (Psychologytoday.com)

A post wouldn’t be a post for me if it didn’t include something informational. It is just the way I function. I’m including the link to the article regarding plants and their medicinal purposes below. Hooray to plants!

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