Fun Fact Friday: Play is Good

Did you know that playing, as an adult, continues to be a necessity for good health?

Let us begin with an important question; what is play?

Play consists of something enjoyable that doesn’t always have an end goal. Once again, it should be enjoyable.

Play and Children:

Playing teaches children to share, to be imaginative and creative; it teaches them social skills and it teaches them the importance of tolerating and dealing with different personalities. Playing can assist with “higher academic performance” (NPR, Hamilton).

According to a recent NPR news article, it is said that playing, as a child, actually assists in creating healthy children–psychologically. The radio podcast I listened to, spoke of Charles Whitman who killed his wife and mother and shot students at a university in Texas in 1960. They mentioned that Whitman was denied play time as a child by his father and saw perpetual abuse from his father towards his mother, as well as endured abuse.  Playing is  necessary in order to remain healthy as an adult. Nietzsche states, “in every real man a child is hidden that wants to play” and although I don’t agree with his misogynistic ideals, he has a point. In fact, playing should never stop. In order to remain healthy and happy, allow yourself to play. It can help relieve the stress and pressures of the day or week and it is good for your mind. It is recommended to go out and play with a ball, an inclusive board game, anything that consists of fun. There is a thin line you must know of; the article states that if you play for fun, like poker, great, but once something becomes obsessive or addictive, you’ve removed the “play” aspect of it. So, this weekend, go out and play, have fun. 

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