Home Decor: Exterior Paint-Trust your Gut

Deciding on colors for exterior paint can be difficult if you are unsure of what you want. How do you select from all of those amazing colors? Look through magazines, look at model homes, search for exterior home pictures to further align yourself with what pulls on your color strings and, also, pay attention to your gut. Every single person we told that we wanted to paint the house white with a bit of black gave us the weirdest look and said, “NO” while gasping for air. In fact, when the guy at the Ben Moore/Vista Paint counter asked us what colors we decided to use and I responded with “the brightest white” he couldn’t believe his ears. He told me that it would be a mistake as it is too bright. I assured him that I knew what I wanted. The painter was also unsure and assured us that he has painted for 30+ years and had never painted a house white with black. He tried to refute, negate, PARRY us from the mistake of the century. I almost listened to such suggestions, until I realized that I knew what I wanted and bright white was what I wanted. I do not regret my decision at all. It may not be for every one, but I am happy with my choice. We have had multiple neighbors ask for the colors and the painter’s number; I’m not sure if it is to complain or to do the same, but it is okay because I am happy. I am blogging this because you need to be secure with your decision, even if others do not agree. If you are doing something incredibly bold, test the color out at the back of the house where no one can see it but you. Trust your gut. The same goes with the interior of your home. Of course, within reason, I make decisions and do think about the pros and cons extensively. Test out colors in an inconspicuous area and do not be afraid to take the leap, but do be sure because exterior paint is pricey. I did print an MLA picture of our home and used markers to test out colors, if that helps.

What do you think? Does painting the exterior of your home terrify you?

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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