Word of the Week: Diaspora

Word: Diaspora You Pronounce It: [dahy-as-per-uh, dee-] Definition:  noun 1. (usually initial capital letter) the scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity. 2. (often initial capital letter) the body of Jews living in countries outside Israel. 3. (often initial capital letter) such countries collectively: the return of the Jews from the Diaspora. 4. any … Continue reading Word of the Week: Diaspora

A Renaissance Mom’s Outfit of the Day

The weather has been quite nice in Southern California, so I decided on this gray and black outfit for a day of grocery shopping with the family. Shirt: 2B Bebe Pants: Bebe Shoes: G by Guess Disclaimer: I am a mom of three and full time grad student. My “outfits of the day” reflect a … Continue reading A Renaissance Mom’s Outfit of the Day