Word of the Week: 12/14/15

Word: Symptomatic

You Pronounce it: [simp-tuh-mat-ik]


1.pertaining to a symptom or symptoms.
2.of the nature of or constituting a symptom; indicative (often fol by of):
a condition symptomatic of cholera; a disagreement that was symptomatic of the deterioration in their relationship.
3.according to symptoms :
a symptomatic classification of disease.


1690-1700; < Medieval Latin symptōmaticus, equivalent to Late Latin symptōmat- (stem of symptōma) symptom + -icus -ic

I read it:

Norman Fairclough’s Languae and Power:

“But despite its importance for language, the concept of ‘ideology’ has very rarely figured in discussions of language and power within linguistics, which is itself symptomatic of their limitations.”(2)


Works Cited:


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