DIY: Easy Bookshelves


Hello and thank you for stopping by. A while back I decided to add interest to one of my dining room walls by adding stripes. A few weeks later, I realized I would like book shelves that look like they are floating, the size of the black stripes and foldable for those days I don’t want to use them or have the pressure to dress them up. I decided on foldable bookshelves with hinges on them. I love how them came out! They almost seem invisible. I will be adding them all the way down–once my one year old gets older because I can already see him climbing them. You can do them too! It is so easy! I still have to decorate the very top shelf, but I couldn’t wait to share them with you! 

To start, I looked for wood that was the same size as my stripes 6″ and bought them just a tad bit shorter than the length of my wall. I purchased 1 black track and cut it according to size.

Step 1: 

Measure your wall and find your wood. I purchased mine at Home Depot for $10 each wood. Make sure they are straight and not warped or damaged. You don’t have to purchase the expensive wood we did, in fact, it doesn’t have to be wood. I saw many things you can use to create a book shelf.

Step 2:

Sand your wood. You can use a hand sander or sand the rough spots by hand and sand paper. I used a hand sander that cost me less than $10 at Harbor Freight.

Step 3: 

Paint your wood. I painted mine the same color as the black stripes on the wall–Caviar by Sherwin Williams.

Step 4: 


Install your bracket track. I purchased 1 long black bracket track and my husband cut it to size with a saw.

Step 5:   IMG_3801

Place your bracket on the track, place the wood on the brackets–be careful as this is not screwed in–and add where you want your door hinges. I held while my husband made a hole with a drill bit. We purchased a box of screws made for drywall and wood. It is a full box that comes with many sizes and cost $7. It also comes with the drill bit. We also purchased drywall plastic anchors that you insert into the wall to make sure they are secure to the wall.

Once you do that, just continue your steps. We added three rubbed bronze hinges per book shelf.


Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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