Currently Loving: Green Chicken Pozole

As the days get colder, I love cooking warmer foods like my green chicken pozole. It is so simple and it is fast, unlike the pork version--although I do love the pork version as well. Pozole is comfort food for my family therefore, pushing me to make it during the weekend.  Doesn't it look delicious?   … Continue reading Currently Loving: Green Chicken Pozole

Fun Fact Friday: 11/13/15

Did you know that Pluto's moons rotate in such a disorderly manner; this anomaly has baffled scientist? According to scientist, Hydra, one of the moons, rotates so rapidly it spins every 10 hours therefore spinning a total of 89 times per orbit within its 38 day cycle. Showalter, from Nasa, stated "if Hydra were spinning much faster, … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday: 11/13/15

Quote of the day: 11/10/15

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated." Maya Angelou How many times have we allowed these temporary situations to take flight, therefore allowing a situational issue become a life issue? We will absolutely encounter trounce and things may seem hopeless, but do not despair in life's conquests because the strength to … Continue reading Quote of the day: 11/10/15