Quote of the day: 11/18/15

“Consequently, lifestyle magazines may limit or broaden their readers’ perspectives on gender if they are perceived as authoritative.

Nevertheless, adolescents may be particularly vulnerable to these messages owing to the nature of this developmental phase (Delamont, 2001). According to Kehily (1999), Massoni (2004), Simić (2006), and Jackson (2005: 295) young women, in particular, are likely to view magazines as authoritative sources of information about femininity – although the latter also indicates that they may, at times, be ‘cynical [and] critical’.” (Constructing femininity: A critical discourse analysis of Cosmo by Marthinus Conradie)

This is a great article I had to read for my Discourse Analysis course. It is so interesting to find that the construction of our femininities are really driven by the need to sell, hence the ads depicting celebrities within these magazines.

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