Quote of the day: 10/13/15

“To say that words are endemically related to some ‘object’ or aspect of the world out there means to recognize that words carry with them a power that goes beyond the description and identification of people, objects, properties, and events. It means to work at identifying how language becomes a tool through which our social and cultural world is constantly described, evaluated, and reproduced.”

–Duranti quoted in “Two Ways of Articulating Heterogeneity” by Kang and Lo

Words are powerful and, through the study of language, we can find a link or a sense of a relationship with words and our identity. Isn’t that amazing? I have temporarily abandoned my blog, I apologize, because life has been incredibly hectic lately. I wanted to share a little bit of what I am learning this quarter and provide you with an insight of how some scholars feel that language and identity can be seen as an interesting, intertwined mixture leading them to understanding how identity can be explored via the verbs, adjectives and subject positions people use. What do you think?

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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