Word of the day: 10/01/15–Intersubjective

Word: Intersubjective

You Pronounce it: [in-ter-suh b-jek-tiv]


adjective, Philosophy
1. comprehensible to, relating to, or used by a number of persons, as a concept or language.

2. existing between conscious minds; shared by more than one conscious mind. (found this one on top of the google search.)

I found it:

I found it while reading “Identity and Interaction: A Sociocultural Approach” by Mary Buchholz and Kira Hall for my 615 Discourse Analysis course.

“Identity emerges in local discourse versus located in individual psyche or fixed social categories.

It is the ‘social positioning of self and other’.

It is intersubjective.

Also includes local ethnographic categories and transitory interactional positions.”

Works Cited:



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