Quote of the day: 10/01/15 Victim Mentality

“Successful people are rarely victims. One might be able to be a victim and still make money and have great relationships in rare cases, but usually it would be difficult for victims to be successful. To be successful you need to learn from your mistakes and try again. Victims are, by definition, people who do not acknowledge responsibility for their actions and who blame outside forces.” –Morty Lefkoe from Huff Post

I found this article interesting as many do find themselves having a “victim mentality.” I have found myself in that category–at times, but even more interesting is how I found that the “victim mentality” is actually learned at a young age from parents, grandparents, etc. It is something that is seen in the household and is past down from generation to generation until one decides to cut the chain. I, here and now, vow to change the “victim mentality” by cutting it TODAY. No, I do not act in such a way where this affects my everyday life, but, nonetheless, I have placed my self in pity parties and I refuse to pass this down to my kids and entertain frivolous thoughts. I am not a victim of anyone or any situation, but the very person that has the ability to change each and every situation with a positive mentality. Things are not done to me, but they are merely circumstances that happened and become water under the bridge as I have the ability to change the way in which my mind processes these situations. I have the ability to not linger on such things by moving on to the next best thing.

Join me today in removing ourselves from the “victim mentality” and by taking charge of our lives, here and now.

Have a great day!

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