Quote of the day: 10/29/15

"We must concentrate not merely on the negative expulsion of war but the positive affirmation of peace." Martin Luther King, Jr. This quote, I believe, can work wonders within our daily lives. If we apply such thoughts within our household, work environment, circle of friends, and so on, we just may find a whole new … Continue reading Quote of the day: 10/29/15

Fun Fact Friday: How is Yawning linked to a Psychopathic person?

Did you know that a person with psychopathic traits failed to catch the contagious yawn from watching someone else? According to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, yawning is associated with empathy and, therefore, if you score high on the psychopathic trait test, you are less likely to catch the contagious yawn. According to the study, … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday: How is Yawning linked to a Psychopathic person?

Word of the day: 10/22/15–Polysemous

Word: Polysemous You Pronounce It: pol-ee-see-mee, puh-lis-uh-mee Origin: 1895-1900; < New Latin polysēmia, equivalent to Late Latin polysēm (us) with many significations Definition: noun 1. diversity of meanings.I found it:I found it while reading "Agency as an interactive achievement" by Najma Al Zidjaly She argues that because of the interconnectedness of power and solidarity, all conversational strategies … Continue reading Word of the day: 10/22/15–Polysemous

Quote of the day: 10/13/15

"To say that words are endemically related to some 'object' or aspect of the world out there means to recognize that words carry with them a power that goes beyond the description and identification of people, objects, properties, and events. It means to work at identifying how language becomes a tool through which our social … Continue reading Quote of the day: 10/13/15

Home Decor: Fall Threshold

My entrance still needs a few updates to be administered such as the door knob issue where we ended up having to replace the top part because the other one gave up on us, therefore, leaving us with two different door knobs; the roman shade on the second window has still not been completed and, … Continue reading Home Decor: Fall Threshold

DIY: Framed Peephole

You can turn a picture frame into a peephole frame. It is simple! There are only two things you need; command strips and the frame. Step 1:  Remove the glass and the back felt from your frame. Step 2:  Follow your command strip instructions. Step 3: Stick the command strips onto the back of the frame … Continue reading DIY: Framed Peephole