Finances: Costco’s Return Policy

If you have a family that eats a lot, which I’m sure most do, and you can afford to pay $55 a year, I would say Costco is the way to go. They offer a great selection of organic poultry and meats as well as veggies and fruits.

My post today is to discuss the amazing return policy they offer and my recent experience. I have had so many great experiences with Costco and this one is no exception. About 2 1/2 years ago, I purchased a BlendTec blender, but it gave up on me 11 months after usage, so I decided to return it to Costco, and, without question, they provided me with a full refund. I, then, decided to purchase a Vitamix the day I returned the BlendTec. Sadly, a few days ago, my Vitamix 5200 gave up on me after a year and a half. So, I decided to return it to Costco and, without one hassle, they provided me with a full refund. I am now using a Vitamix 5300 and, although different, it is a great blender. I use my Vitamix, pretty much, every single day to make fresh fruit and veggie juices, salsas, chili’s, soups, puree’s, ice cream and so much more, so it is an expensive, but very necessary tool for me. In fact, I find that the things we use the most happen to be the things that hurt to spend on, for example, the All-Clad stainless steel pans I use daily, the Vitamix, a water filtration system, fire-retardant free mattresses and sofas, and other household items we my use on a daily basis.

I would say if you are unsure about giving Costco a shot, you should do it! If you are unhappy, they refund your membership! Yes, I know, insane! Who doesn’t want a hassle free return?


  • Hassle-free returns.
  • A massive selection on food, home decor, christmas trees, garage essentials, furniture, clothes, and so much more!
  • They offer a vast selection of organic foods.
  • Their organic eggs are the best in price I’ve seen, at least here in California.
  • They offer great prices on picture prints.
  • They refill ink cartridges.
  • You can take your recyclables to them–if you’ve purchased it there–and make a little of extra money while helping the environment.
  • They provide a great food court.
  • They provide samples and roadshows.


  • I believe electronics and phones only have a 90 day return policy.
  • You need to go with a list because you may end up walking out with more than you need. BE CAREFUL WITH THAT!
  • Make sure you need that big jug of salad dressing because if you purchase in bulk, and don’t eat it on time, your food will go bad and that is a waste of money. In fact, more counter-productive if you are trying to save, but end up throwing it away.

Thankfully, I was able to make my chicken pozole. Oh yeah! Without a blender, it is quite difficult to blend the puree. Imaging trying to blend those chili’s without a blender?


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