Currently Loving: Vignettes and Horses

A vignette, it seems, is never complete without a great book, a flower or plant of some sort, a quote for inspiration or a picture and a nice solid statement piece. I am currently loving this horse, I found at Home Goods, as a statement piece, what do you think?

What is a vignette?

Well, as an English major with a concentration in creative writing, I do remember learning about this term; vignette and was encouraged to write in this style, among other styles. In fact, I do remember reading literature and poetry that was written in the vignette form.

Meaning? It is a french term meaning “little vine” which came from the drawings or illustrations of the title books and chapter pages dating back to the 19th century. In literature, you can find that this short, literary device, is used to describe, in an illustrative form, a passage that further details a character, idea, setting, etc. Once again, it is short and full of descriptive imagery.

How does this relate to decor?

It relates to decor because you are creating small focal points or, as I like to think of it, whole worlds that stand on their own upon a table, or cluster of some sort. It is very similar to writing because you can write a vignette and read a whole book made up of small vignettes; read them out of place and still not feel like you’ve missed anything. This is because they are describing a character, setting, and or an object, therefore, you don’t need to know the plot. In other words, it isn’t pushing forth a plot.
In decor, you can create vignettes throughout your house and have small worlds illustrating pieces of your home. I have many small worlds that I enjoy changing around in order to create new worlds within my world, if that makes any sense. My son is in love with horses and he simply loves this one. Sadly, I have to limit my “vignettes” as my son finds it interesting to touch and play with all the things reachable. If you wish to find creative vignettes, look no further than Pinterest and Emily Henderson–who always makes things so simple to adopt.

How do you “vignette” in your world?

Vignette Vignette Vignette

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