Quote of the day: 8/28/15

“You can never know where you are going unless you know where you have been.”–Amelia Boynton Robinson

Today, this woman–Amelia–an amazing activist, passed away at 104 years old. Her story is amazing and her passion and love for all is absolutely incredible. She even attended the funeral of the officer that beat her, leaving her unconscious, on what became known as “Bloody Sunday.” If you don’t look back at where you have been, the struggles you have faced, the challenges you have overcome, how can you know where you are going? I love this quote! We go through many things in life, many seem unfair, but the beauty of it all, if we can find beauty in hardships by expunging our pain and liberating our fears, are that these situations can lead us to look at our future in a different manner. Hopefully, in a humane manner where we can simply grow to love each other more, not as people of a social class, religion, race, or group, but as humans that breath and hurt; as beings that desire love and care.

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