Fun Fact Friday: Eat Healthy, Shop Healthy?

Did you know that a study, conducted in the U.S., found that 25% of shoppers--given an apple before grocery shopping--purchased more fruits and veggies after having a healthy snack? According to the study, the participants were tested on both unhealthy and healthy food choices after eating both healthy and unhealthy snacks prior to grocery shopping. The … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday: Eat Healthy, Shop Healthy?

Quote of the day: 8/28/15

"You can never know where you are going unless you know where you have been."--Amelia Boynton Robinson Today, this woman--Amelia--an amazing activist, passed away at 104 years old. Her story is amazing and her passion and love for all is absolutely incredible. She even attended the funeral of the officer that beat her, leaving her … Continue reading Quote of the day: 8/28/15