Beauty: Review on Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

My Review:

I am not easily impressed by things and those that I am, you will find me raving about them. I am utterly in “awe” by this Crystal Body Deodorant Stick. Before my toxic awakening and my ingredient curiosity, I used all types of deodorants. I have used every single type of deodorant you can find at Target and have even used prescription strength, sadly, to no avail. I don’t sweat easily, but with the common Inland Empire heat and the surge of heat waves in California, I will, eventually, sweat. I often felt like deodorants mixed with my own odor

didn’t seem to smell so great. Yes, I am putting myself out there, but it is true. Even the fragrance fee deodorants seemed to cause a weird odor. I did use Tom’s for a while, and, to be honest, it wasn’t the best for me. I would use it simply because I wanted a more natural deodorant without toxic ingredients, but I still had a weird odor. Fast forward to now, I have been using this Crystal Body Deodorant Stick and I am in love! Not only do I not sweat, but I do not have an odor of any sort; not from the deodorant and not from my own body. In fact, you can add this deodorant to the soles of your feet, if you have sweaty feet and to your forehead, if you sweat a lot. It is a body stick so there are other areas you can use this.


I do not know if this will make you break out if you use it on your forehead as I have not researched it.


  1. It really works!

2) You don’t sweat.

3) There isn’t an odor.

4) It is inexpensive as it cost me $6.99 (purchased at Sprouts).

5) No Aluminum Chlorohydrate is used to create this deodorant.

6) It is Fragrance and Paraben Free and it is Hypoallergenic.

7) It doesn’t leave a white residue.

8) It doesn’t stain nor leave any marks on clothes.

9) IT LASTS A YEAR, this is why it is inexpensive, A YEAR!!!


  1. None that I’ve found, yet with the product.

2) It is stored in plastic. . .hmmmm.


They do caution to not leave it open on granite of marble.

How it works:

Step 1:

You wet the tip of your finger with water.

Step 2:

Rub the top of the deodorant.

Step 3:

Apply to clean dry skin.

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