Healthy Insider: Are we really “The Human Experiment?” Flame Retardants, BPA, Phthalates, Polyurethane and other Toxins. . .

At this very moment, where you are sitting, where you sleep, where your children rest their head, what your children play with, eat from, drink from, bathe with, the make-up you use, the nail polish you wear, the way you live may be filled with toxic chemicals.

I have a question for you, if you found out someone was poisoning you or your children, would you tell the authorities and file a report? Would you want that person behind bars?

I watched The Human Experiment this weekend and, although I knew these things, the documentary left me questioning a couple of very important things that never really crossed my mind: how safe are my children’s toys and clothes? This morning, I woke up to look through all the toys my kids play with and I am appalled! My children play with toys that are considered toxic. A lot of the pajamas they wear contain flame retardants, which are extremely toxic! Immediately, I began feeling like a failure as a mother. I am supposed to protect my children, but I am buying them toys that are toxic and clothes that are toxic. We eat organic food, for the most part, we try to avoid processed foods and eat home made meals, increase our fruit and vegetable intake; we limit our processed breads, cereals, pastas, etc; we cook with stainless steel, we don’t store foods in plastics, nor eat canned foods (although some are BPA free), avoid water bottles, we use VOC free paints; laundry detergent is chemical free, we use vinegar to clean the house, we use paraben free bathing products, but I forgot a couple of very important things: the toys and the clothes.

I am upset! I am outraged! I am ANGRY! I AM DISGUSTED, that we trust our government to protect us by regulating the products we use and they are failing the people as they allow things such as BPA, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, flame retardants and so many chemicals that are poisoning our children. Little by little, every single day, our children are being poisoned and made sick. I have cleaned out the house of all toys, except for those wooden ones, and I see sad little faces. I’m on the search to find toxic free toys to turn those frowns upside down. As parents, we vow to protect our children from harm, but I feel conflicted as I think that when we are the ones providing these poisonous toys and clothes. I feel like a failure. I thought that by nursing, I was protecting my children, but my milk is intoxicated as the furniture where I sit at can be coated with flame retardants–the very toxins that can harm my children.

You have to watch this documentary. The documentary is currently on Netflix. A lot of the products on their website are good and I use a few. I know, to begin the toy and clothes restructuring all over again can be daunting.

Note: If you find BPA free items, still beware as many items may not contain BPA, but may contain other toxins that still disrupt the body.

Why are these toxins bad?

They are bad because they can create havoc within your body. Sadly, most things are coated in toxic flame retardants. For example, furniture, mattresses, clothes, sheets, carseats, high chairs. . .the list goes on. Plastics, on the other hand, are made with disruptive ingredients that can cause damage to your body by imitating your hormones, therefore, passing through the defenses undetected and then boom, causing problems.

I vowed to live a greener life a few years back, but still, now, at this very moment, I am realizing I am far from succeeding. Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, is a company that seeks to provide products that are toxic free. In fact, Jessica Alba has written a book that helps people like me and you with the process. Kevin Trudeau from the Natural Cure books has done the same. If you are angry reading this post, utilize that anger and let us make a difference. Let us fight for our children’s future, their health. Let us fight for our parents and relatives as they are exposed to cancer causing toxins. Let us change the way in which others live by paving the way. Don’t be afraid to tell family that you prefer to not receive toys for kids birthdays or Christmas. Explain the reason so they don’t feel hurt. We can do this together. You are not alone. Remember that! Do not allow people to say (because I hear this all the time), “we all have to die from something” or “it is everywhere, what can we do,” or “it’s been around forever, we are all fine” because it isn’t true? People are getting sick left and right in greater numbers than before. Fight for what you believe in; fight for your loved ones, even if they don’t fight for themselves!

I want to end this by going back to the two questions above, have you thought about a response? Why is it we would immediately report any and all wrong doing to the authorities, but when it comes to doing something about the toxins given to children, family and friends, why do we often turn the other cheek? Why do we refuse to commit to changing our lifestyle knowing such thing are dangerous? Finally, why do we allow those that are responsible for poisoning us, and those we love, get away with such actions? Isn’t poisoning someone considered a crime? Well, you are not alone, I too find it difficult as such work may seem daunting, but together we can eliminate the toxicity. No judgement here. We can only take it a day at a time and don’t be afraid to speak out.

What do you think about this topic? Please, let me know. Comment below!

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