Sermon Sunday: 8/16/15

“For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves alone.” –Romans 14:7

I attend a church called Abundant Living. Our Pastor, Diego Mesa, is great and, like always, delivered an unbelievable sermon. He named it “By One Man’s (Person’s) Obedience” and it was exactly that, relating to the fact that we are often being viewed by others, our kids, siblings, etc. If we live in obedience and live well by providing those around us with a great example, then we have done well, if we don’t then our actions always affect others. We think that our actions affect us and solely us, but this is never the case, our actions influence and always affect those around us. For me, to be a better mother, I must live better. He provided us with a few examples to further understand what those in the bible did in regards to the many circumstances we may encounter:

  • How to handle temptation (Joseph)
  • How to handle adversity (Nehmeiah)
  • How to handle failure (Peter)
  • How to handle losses (Job)
  • How to handle fear (Esther)
    How to handle disappointment (Moses)
  • How to handle heartache (Ruth)
  • How to handle delays (Noah)
    How to handle risk, the unknown (Abraham)

You can always view the sermon online.

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The examples written were from the church I attend.

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