Fun Fact Friday: 8/7/15 Supermassive Black Holes within each Galaxy

Did you know pretty much every galaxy contains a Supermassive Black Hole in the center including our very own Milky Way?

It is true, I was watching a documentary yesterday and couldn’t believe my ears as they discussed the once believed rarity of a black hole is actually quite common. In fact, a black hole was believed to be fictional, then rare to finding out that it was actually common and even exists within our own galaxy, the Milky Way. According to Supermassive Black Holes by John Shrapnel, we find that there are two types of holes, dormant and active.

They also go into discussing why some black holes show a light going through it and others don’t. It is a great 50 minute documentary to watch and,if you are interested, you can find the documentary on Netflix. I am so excited because they’ve updated our Netflix with so many new documentaries of all types. YAY!

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