Quote of the day: 8/6/15

Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.–Coretta Scott King

Hating someone and carrying the weight and burden of such feelings can become paralyzing. It can paralyze the hater as it consumes the mind and soul. Hating someone places the hater in a position of self consumption and a waste of time relating feelings of anger and dismay all while the person being hated upon is simply living life unknowingly of such ill feelings and if they do,

often, they still live life really unknowingly of how sever these thoughts are. It is true that these are simply feelings and it is harmless as long as they remain feelings and not actions that harm the hated, but each moment spent hating someone can be spent loving instead. The act and feelings of Love seem to free the soul as it infuses our body with positive energy and a rush of endorphins. Today, let it be your day to release negative feelings and energy into an abyss all while reveling in the beauty of loving those around you, even when they don’t love themselves.

Have a great day!

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