Quote of the day: 8/3/15

Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.–Victor Hugo

With an ever-changing world it is important to always maintain your principles and to keep your roots intact. This is such a great quote because it encourages change and growth, but it maintains the importance of principles and foundation. This is exactly what I am working on with my three kids–foundation. My 11 year old will begin middle school this week and every conversation we have regarding school seems to end up with the importance of her principles and to focus on the foundation we’ve set forth.

She will be attending an amazing school, don’t get me wrong, but I know she is getting older and the principles we’ve taught her and the foundation we’ve set are not equal across the board for all as every household is different. I am, however, still worried about her seeing things and, I guess, the simple fact that she will no longer be in Elementary. I do need to trust that she will decide to make the right choices. How about you? Do you find your roots intact and your principles solid as you head into your workplace, school, life?

I do, however, find it necessary to change opinions and leaves as we must grow with the times, but always stay true to your set foundation. Growth is vital in an ever-changing world. Growth is what propels us to beaming success within our households, work, school, relationships, but we also can’t side with every new trend. We must feel proud of our roots as they provide an impact on who we are and the role we play in society, including the choices we make as these roots and principles create character and strength when days are tough. What a great quote, what do you take from this quote?

Have a wonderful day!

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