Beauty: Shea Moisture’s Black African Soap

I am not one to jump on reviews unless I truly love or hate something. I am awestruck with Black African Soap by Shea Moisture. I must admit, I have used the bar before, I would say about 6 years ago, and it was okay. I don’t remember any major changes. What I do remember, however, is how horrible it left my shower. The black soap left the shower, well, black.

Forward 6 years and two more kids, plus nursing two kids, the continuance of dry skin. I decided to pick this up at Target as I saw it on sale.

This time, though, I bought the gel scrub form and I am in love. I DID NOT see a difference in my skin for the first 2 weeks. Entering the third week, I noticed incredible softness. I am trying to wean my 1 year old, but still nursing. Also, I do suffer from slight Keratosis Pilaris on the back of my arms. Although I have not seen a difference on my K.P., I have seen a difference on the softness of my skin, including my heels. What can be better? Well, a little goes a long way. I love this stuff and to make things better, they are free from parabens and other yucky preservatives.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

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