Sermon Sunday: 7/12/15

“And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” –Luke 4:4

Today’s sermon Sunday was great! It was about how we will find ourselves in desolate times within our lives. Much like a night glow stick, we must be broken down and shaken up to work as God wants us to. Jesus was tempted during his time of need and we will find ourselves tempted the most during those times where we are at our lowest point, but we must find refuge in God. Much like in a dry desert, we must quench our thirsty souls through God. Are you having problems in your marriage, your relationship with your kids, financial situations, let us not focus on what is not being done or what low point we are in, but let us focus on reveling in the current situation because we are there in order to learn something; we are there because God wants to shape and mold us? The pastor mentioned how Moses was to take the people of Israel through the desert and how the trip was suppose to be a trip that should’ve ended quickly, but ended up being a 40 year lesson due to the complaining and ungratefulness. Let us not get lost in the negativity of our situation, but in appreciating where we are here and now.

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