Home Decor: Kitchen Table Dining

I blogged, a while back, about me loving this table, chairs and settee’s. One King’s Lane makes it possible to find inspiring pieces to gaga countless hours over. Simply beautiful! I do not, however, have $1600 to simply splurge on a beautiful table.


Since then, I’ve been on a quest to find my own version for a good price. I recently purchased, on Craigslist, some items to begin my journey; for example, the $50 settee.

The table will need to be sanded or, perhaps, covered in liquid sandpaper in order to get it to its natural state to create the grayish stain I want.

Here is what we have used for a few years:

Here is my inspiration:

I know I want a grayish stained table, a french style settee and acrylic chairs. I have not yet decided on the fabric, although I LOVE this black and white stripe one, but I do have to be understanding that this is the kitchen where we will eat day in and day out. I have quite a few pins for inspiration. We will see where this goes and I can’t wait for that end result!

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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