Beauty: My Eyelash Extension Journey-Week 4

As the final week with my eyelashes, I’ve decided to upload the last visual of my eyelashes. This is it. I will be removing them her at home with oils as they are pretty much falling by themselves. I look patchy, they need to be gone. I’ve concluded my four week journey with eyelash extensions.

NOTE: Oh and regarding the close ups, yes I look cross-eyed; it is hard not to when the darn camera is right in front of me and I have my son trying to climb on me. . .I’m trying to look in several directions at once. LOL. . .Really!

Pros after 4 weeks:

They still looked good, except for today.

Cons after 4 weeks:

My eyelashes look patchy.

My left eyelid is a little itchy.

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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