Quote of the day: 6/5/15

“When we cannot speak our truths, our sense of agency is restricted, and the potential of using our differences to forward critiques of systematic discrimination is hampered.”–Jonathan Alexander and David Wallace

Limitations in conversation and dialogue restrict many of what is known as “agency” and further hamper the possibility of social justice. Speaking ones truths are vital to further understand the flaws repeated within the social context. Speak your mind and heart, but do remember that when speaking one must do so in a tender way. As in speak, express and tell of the social injustices, but not in a form to hurt others. Regard the feelings of others. For example, Cesar Chavez protested the social injustices caused upon the labor workers in a strong manner, but void of violence. The same went with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One is better heard when words are chosen in a wise manner.You cannot succeed honestly and whole heartedly if you aim to drag others with the words you use. Speak to make a change. Speak to be heard. Speak to be respected.

Have a great weekend.

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