Quote of the day: 5/27/15

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”~Ralph Waldo Emerson

How often do we feel second best; or not good enough at anything? I know I do. Honestly, this happens to be one of my biggest struggles; inadequacy. I do question my existence and wonder why God placed me on this earth when I feel like I’m in the shadows, even if it is within my own shadow due to blocking my own sunshine. I’m not allowing the rays of sun to shine through. I never feel good enough at any one particular thing. I wonder how others master a trade and question my lack of mastering such trades. I definitely struggle in many things as things never come easy and flawlessly skilled. I, often, perceive others seem to easily partake in flawless executions, but my lack of such executions leave me in the shadows.


That is because I am in someone else’s sunshine and blocking my very own shadow. I need to stand within my own sunshine, even if it takes me a few attempts. I am not quite sure what that is, even at my 31 years of age, but I will continue to seek. I do believe in providing a prideful execution of all actions as they are stamped with our personal signature. Joel Osteen once said that it is bad to compare yourself to others and that “God was not having a bad day when he made you.” I agree, everyone is different . Let us celebrate ourselves and our individual sunshines because we are important, we are valuable. . .you are valuable! I and you may not always see it, but we certainly are. My mistake is comparing myself, trying to shine in someone else’s realm when I need to learn to shine in my own. I need to find it. If you struggle with the same thing, don’t give up, you will also find “it.”


We must divorce ourselves from frivolous comparisons and separate ourselves from those that negate who we are by devouring our uniqueness. It is vital to emancipate ourselves by the thoughts and people that want us to be like someone else, that want us to flourish in someone else’s sunshine. We must linger and surround ourselves with people that embrace us as we are and those that empower our quest for our “sunshine.”

Have a day full of sunshine. . .your sunshine.

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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